Improve Your Life with a Breast Lift


Round, firm and beautiful breasts with an aesthetic contour are considered to be a symbol for femininity and sensuality. Losing the elasticity of the skin, the effects of gravity, nursing a child, the changes in the weight of the body, all these can affect the femininity and the shape of the breasts. The aging process determines modifications in the shape of the body and also in the aspect of the breasts. Most frequently, the breasts lose their volume and shape.

Breast lifting is the medical procedure that gives back the contour and the place of saggy breasts. In addition, that pink area that is around the nipple can be made smaller.

Who Can Have A Breast Lifting?

This procedure is for those women who have saggy breasts, and are not happy with their aspect and for those women whose feelings have a negative impact on the psychic. There is no physical exercise and no medication that can treat saggy breasts. The breasts can be lifted no matter their size, but this procedure works better with smaller breasts.

When first seeing a plastic surgeon, make sure you speak about your expectations, as each person has a different vision about size, aspect and shape for the breasts. You should always talk about the positioning of the nipple and what scars will be seen after the surgery.

The Risks

breast_lift_image_06There is no surgery that implies zero risks. As it is an important invasive surgery, the risks need to be discussed with the surgeon prior to the procedure. In addition, the doctor that supervises the anesthesia should be present at this discussion.

Beside the risks that can be expected with any surgery, you could get an infection or a hematom that could leave you with an unwanted ugly scar. Even without these complications, the actual surgery leaves a scar that sometimes can be seen and that is permanent. A person who smokes can expect a slower recovery and a more visible scar.

Breast lifting is not a simple surgery, but it is extremely safe if it is done by a qualified plastic surgeon.

Advice Prior To the Surgery

First of all, you need to have a mammography or a mammary ultrasound. This is standard medical procedure to make sure that the tissue that needs to be removed is clean and healthy. In addition, it is a way to detect an early stage in breast cancer.

Doctors’ advice is that you should not or drink anything in the night before the surgery. Therefore, your last meal before the surgery should be in the evening of the day prior to the surgery.

Slide21A nice conversation with the doctor is desired. It’s the best time to tell him about what other medicine you take. It’s also best that the plastic surgeon and the doctor responsible for the anesthesia know about any illness that you had or you have. This way, they can decide about the best anesthesia to be used. You must tell them if you had any of the following: high blood pressure, a heart attack, diabetes, lung problems, neurological problems, allergies – especially with medications, and others

You need to tell them if you are wearing contact lenses or aesthetical teeth (prosthesis), and if so, you need to wear glasses in the day of the surgery and no dental prosthesis.

If you use to smoke, it’s the best time to try to quit. With 1 or 2 weeks before the surgery, you should stop smoking. The studies have shown that people who smoke usually heal harder, so if you quit smoking it will help with your recovery time.

The laying in the sun is forbidden before the surgery and also you should not follow a strict diet in that time. It is best if you return to your normal living, without diets, as it will help also with your recovery time.

If you get a cold, if you get an infectious disease, or if you get ill before the surgery, then it needs to be canceled.

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